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Item Number: 022745
Manufacturing Number: MC50200

Sale: $16.99   Reg. $46.05

#50200 Sheffield Pottery Self Hardening / Air drying clay:

This is our brown air-dry clay or Self Hardening Clay. No Kiln/ No oven/ No firing is necessary for this air drying clay! Our air-drying clay is a rich dark brown color. Air drying will produce a hard, durable surface. Pieces can be decorated with acrylic paints and may be coated with shellac for a glossy surface.
This air dry clay is for sculptural and decorative pieces and is not recommended for functional dinnerware.
This brown Air Dry Clay is great for classrooms without a kiln.

Some usage tips:
You can have cracking if a thick piece dries too quickly so cover drying pieces with plastic so that they dry slowly.
and if the piece is stuck to a modeling board, you want to release it from there and maybe put on a rack so that the bottom dries too.
If part is drying quickly and part is slowly then you will crack because the two areas are shrinking at different rates...
this is with all clay set to dry.
Drying time varies vastly depending on the humidity of the air in the room, temperature etc. It is also greatly affected by the thickness of the item.
If something is very thick, see if you can hollow it out and or start on a form of some sort.
Paint with acrylics when dry.
keep the bags sealed with twist tie. Mist a little water into the bag if needed.


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